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A new way to sleep


Key Features

Turn a Phone Into a Smart Bed

Seamlessly connect with your smart lights and get them to turn off by simply charging your phone at night. This triggers your Sleep Journey - a series of sounds & light designed to make your sleep deeper. Optionally connect with our AI chatbot Doctor Snooze or trained sleep specialists that can offer you tailored solutions that will improve your sleep.

Easy Wireless Phone Charging

No more fumbling around at night to charge your phone. Get the most ergonomic phone charger that hides a messy looking cord. Included is a universal wireless charger compatible with all major smart phones and an adaptor to hold a MagSafe charger. The aluminum casing shields the bed from electromagnetic frequencies that can emanate from your phone.

Deep Sleep Enhancing Tech

Included with purchase is a 1-year free subscription to SleepSpace: The First Sleep Operating System, valued at $49.99 / year. The software includes the most accurate sleep tracking technology available, integration with all major wearables, and sleep enhancement interventions by enhancing sound and light based on your sleep stages.

Accurate Sleep Measurement

Track your sleep without having to wear anything at all. Optionally connect your wearable for more accurate tracking including Oura, Apple Watch, Biostrap, and Eight Mattress

Works together with the SleepSpace App

What they're saying

If you get one sleep app in 2021, make it SleepSpace

Dave Asprey, Father of Biohacking

I have been trying to get more deep sleep for a long time and a about a week ago I found the app Sleepspace and I am so happy I did because for the first time I am sleeping deeper. Usually I have 50 minutes of deep sleep and sometimes even less and my deep sleep has increase significantly, one night getting almost 2 hours ( 1 hour and 56 min) of deep sleep.


Great for insomnia!
I’ve been struggling to sleep and stay asleep for awhile and this app has helped me also deeper and longer, throughout the night. I love it! Just what I needed!